ASD Communication and Behaviour Service

Improving the social, communication and coping skills of children or young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

About ASD Communication and Behaviour Service

ASD Communication & Behaviour Service provides intervention to improve the social, communication and coping skills of children or young people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder in order to improve their quality of life and reduce the likelihood of them needing intensive support services in the future. There is a high demand across the country and the service has a limited resource so families may be on a waitlist for some time.

Once allocated a specialist worker can help with a range of issues directly resulting from a child or young person’s autism that requires a referral relating to any of the following:

Communication/Social Skills:

  • For verbal and nonverbal children and young people
  • Assessment of communication support needs
  • We can use a range of communication interventions for young children with autism in attempt to address these difficulties.
  • We work with families on understanding and developing their child’s communication skills

Daily Living Skills:

  • Our experienced team are able to give advice to families and develop teaching programmes to help families address issues such as: Toileting; Sleeping; Dressing; Behaving safely in the Community

Sensory Processing:

  • Our team can help the child or young person’s family to identify what these difficulties are and work with them to develop coping strategies as well as having a planned approach to reducing long term impact.

Executive Functioning:

  • Our team can help the family and child or young person identify what these difficulties are and then formulate and implement support strategies to compensate.


  • We can provide individual or group anxiety management programmes tailored to each child or young person’s needs.
  • We can work alongside other services across a range of settings important to the young person at home, education, health and in the community.

Who can be referred?

Children/young people can be referred if they:

  • Are under 19 years old
  • Have a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder confirmed
  • Aren’t currently referred to or involved with other programmes or another provider i.e Explore – Behaviour Support Services or Ministry of Education – Behaviour Support or Intensive Wraparound Service
  • Aren’t in a crisis or risk situation requiring immediate intervention/support
  • Are presenting with social/communication difficulties and/or mild to moderate behavioural difficulties which arise from their autism
  • Have a family who has the capacity to benefit from short term intervention



Families have to be referred to this service. Referrals can only be made by either:

  • Paediatrician (with ASD expertise)
  • Psychiatrist (with ASD expertise)
  • Clinical Psychologist (with ASD expertise)
  • ASD Developmental Coordinator (DHB’s)
  • NASC – Ministry of Health ‘Needs Assessment and Service Coordination’ agencies

Contact the IDEA Specialist Services team on: or phone 0800 273 7587 for more information.

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