IHC has specific advocacy campaigns on specific rights for people with intellectual disabilities. Families who established IHC fought hard for their children’s rights to education, health and support. Today, the need for strong advocacy remains.


Our advocacy works on many levels – with government, families, and other organisations and within IHC. Our Advocacy Team wants to hear from people about what is creating difficulties in their lives so we can campaign to make positive change.

What IHC campaigns about

Find out about our current campaigns on specific rights (such as the right to early support, education, healthcare, and work opportunities) and how you can support them. Find out more >

Submissions to Government

Read IHC’s latest submissions to Government and find out how you can support them. Find out more >

Ministerial Briefings

Read IHC’s Ministerial Briefings following the 2014 election. Find out more >

Inclusion International

IHC is an enthusiastic supporter of and contributor to Inclusion International’s Global Campaigns. Find out more >

International Symposium

In 2012 IHC hosted Making Rights Real – a one-day international symposium to promote the human rights of people with intellectual disabilities. Find out more >

Need advocacy help from IHC?

You can call the IHC Advocacy Team toll free on 0800 442 442, or find out more on the Advocacy Support page. 

Contact IHC Advocacy
Ph. 0800 442 442