Educational Profile

Enhance your child’s strengths and learning opportunities.

What is offered?

  • Mini Profile: This profile may suit students who do not require psychometric testing for specific purposes, such as special exam conditions. This includes detailed literacy, mathematics and information processing assessments. Recommendations will be made for educational programmes and other adaptations to assist your child in the school environment.
  • Maxi Profile: This profile can support the application for special exam conditions. The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children IV or The Woodcock Johnson III psychometric assessment incorporates literacy, maths and other functional testing to assess a student’s cognitive strengths and difficulties.
  • Other Profiles: Other assessments and profiles are possible on request. Please email or phone us to discuss your needs.

What does it cost?

When is an Educational Profile useful?

When applying for special exam conditions

To enhance learning strengths and identify support needs

When wanting to inform and support inclusion

What does it cost?

$400 for the Mini Profile

$900 for the Maxi Profile


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For all enquiries contact 0800 273 7587 


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