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Our Library is free to use and open to anyone living in New Zealand. We have information on all aspects of intellectual disability, autism and other developmental disabilities built up over many years.

Latest Books

When anxiety attacks / Terian Koscik.
Koscik, Terian,

"...Terian Koscik shares her experiences of living with anxiety, and how going to a therapist taught her one of the most important things she could ever learn: there really is no "right&q..."

Shining a light on the autism spectrum : experiences and aspirations of adults / Debra Costley, Susanna Baldwin, Susan Bruck, Kaaren Haas, and Kerry Ritzrow.
Costley, Debra

"Produced in conjunction with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Australia s largest provider of services with people on the autism spectrum, this new text explores the experiences, needs and..."

Pathological demand avoidance syndrome : my daughter is not naughty / Jane Alison Sherwin ; foreword and Introduction by Phil Christie.
Sherwin, Jane Alison

""This honest yet uplifting account provdes insight into the challenges of bringing up a child with Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA)." - BOOK JACKET..."

What to do about smearing : a practical guide for parents and caregivers of people with autism, developmental and intellectual disabilities / Kate E. Reynolds ; illustrations by Lucy Pulleyblank.
Reynolds, Kate E.

"With down to earth advice and tried and tested strategies, this supportive guide addresses faecal smearing among children and adults with autism and developmental and intellectual disabilities."

Autism and the family : understanding and supporting parents and siblings : ready-to-implement resources and approaches for professionals in school and clinical settings / Kate E. Fiske ; foreword by Tristram Smith.
Fiske, Kate E.

"Ready-to-implement resources and approaches for effective professional care in school and clinical settings."

Same but different : teen life on the autism express / Holly Robinson Peete, Ryan Elizabeth Peete, RJ Peete.
Peete, Holly Robinson,

"Through the alternating stories of twins Callie and Charlie, their fictional counterparts, teenagers Ryan Elizabeth Peete and RJ Peete discuss what it is like for RJ as a teenager with autism and R..."

Help! My child has autism : successful approaches for autism and other disabilities / Paul Batchelor
Batchelor, Paul

"The stories in this book are based on successful real life experiences and a real life approach to improving the lives of families struggling with autism."

Max and me : a story about sensory processing / written by Ines Lawlor and illustrated by Blanca Molto.
Lawlor, Ines

"Max And Me tells the story of a child's first day at school. Each day gets harder for him as he struggles to cope with the noise, lights, and activities of a busy school day."

Autism and you / Dr. Lauren Gerber ; illustrations by Norm Bendell.
Gerber, Lauren

"EDUCATIONAL: PSYCHOLOGY. From psychologist Dr. Lauren Gerber comes Autism and You, the first in the new Dr. Lauren Library series."

Albert is my friend : helping children understand autism / written by Jan Luck and Dr. Linda Barboa ; illustrated by Travis Hanson.
Luck, Jan

"Albert is My Friend: Helping Children to Understand Autism" is about the friendship between a young boy, Albert, who is on the autism spectrum and his friend, Mary Louise."

That's the way I think : dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and dyscalculia explained / David Grant ; with illustrations by Hannah Evelyn French.
Grant, David

"About 1 in 20 individuals are dyslexic. This figure also applies for dyspraxia and ADHD."

A quick guide to special needs and disabilities / Bob Bates.
Bates, Bob

"A Quick Guide to Special Needs is an easy go-to guide for busy teachers, SENCOs, practitioners and anyone else who is interested in pragmatic solutions to the challenges of teaching children ..."

Taking care of myself2 : for teenagers and young adults with ASD.
Wrobel, Mary

"Taking Care of Myself2 is written specifically for teenagers and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)."

I can be safe : a first look at safety / Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Lesley Harker.
Thomas, Pat,

"This friendly little book acknowledges kids fears and makes them aware of things they need in order to feel safe in different situations."

We learn about : road safety
Kola-Lawal, Constance Omawumi

"This fully illustrated book is an exciting introduction to children on the basic principles of road safety."

I am AspienGirl® : the unique characteristics, traits and gifts of females on the autism spectrum / by Tania A. Marshall.
Marshall, Tania A.

"The term AspienGirl® is very appropriate reflecting what girls on the Autism spectrum often say: that they feel they are from a different planet."

I am AspienWoman : the unique characteristics, traits and gifts of adult females on the autism spectrum / by Tania A. Marshall.
Marshall, Tania A.

"A unique book combining imagery along with the feelings, thoughts and words of Autistic women and those that love and support them."

Bobby can use the toilet / Charmaine Champ ; illustrations, Martina Jirankova-Limbrick.
Champ, Charmaine

"This is a social story to help children learn to use the toilet. The clear text and illustrations will help parents and carers teach the toileting routine."

Early childhood intervention without tears : improved support for infants with disabilities and their families / by Peter Limbrick, illustrations by Martina Jirankova-Limbrick
Limbrick, Peter

"This essay describes an enhanced Team Around the Child (TAC) approach that supports families in finding a workable balance between interventions for the infant and quality of life for the who..."

The Autism Spectrum Disorders : Characteristics, Causes and Practical Issues / by Jill Boucher
Boucher, Jill

"What are the historical foundations of autism and what precisely is meant by the 'autistic spectrum'?..."

Physical activities in the wheelchair and out : an illustrated guide to personalizing participation
Davis, E. Ann

"There is joy in physical activity, and we, as teachers and caregivers, are responsible for finding ways for those with limitations to share that joy." - AUTHOR'S PREFACE"

Bowel and bladder assessment pack : a guide for carers and professionals helping children and young people with a learning disability, physical disability, autism of complex needs to be successful with toileting / Charmaine Champ, Cover image by Martina J
Champ, Charmaine

"Some children and teenagers with a learning disability, physical disability, autism or complex needs remain incontinent of the bowel and bladder."

My friend with autism / Written by Beverley Bishop, Illustrated by Craig Bishop
Bishop, Beverley

"This book's vivid illustrations and charming storyline will foster tolerance and understanding among peers, while the printable colouring pages [available from a CD] will enlighten and e..."

Words are not for hurting / by Elizabeth Verdick ; illustrated by Marieka Heinlen.
Verdick, Elizabeth.

"Encourages toddlers and preschoolers to express themselves using helpful, not hurtful, words. Includes a note for parents and caregivers on language development."

A small blue thing : life on the spectrum
Hanify, Julie

"Julie Hanify has felt different for as long as she can remember, suffering from anxiety, obsession and an inability to prioritise or slow her life down."

I see things differently : a first look at autism / by Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Claire Keay
Thomas, Pat,

"This reassuring picture book explains what autism is in simple terms."

I miss you : a first look at death / Pat Thomas ; illustrated by Lesley Harker.
Thomas, Pat,

"Explores the difficult issue of death for young children. Feelings and questions about this sensitive subject are looked at in a simple but realistic way."

Autism : understanding and managing anger
Powell, Andrew

"As anyone living in a family affected by autism will testify, children with autism can have a lot to contend with."

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