IHC invites you to take a moment to get to know people with intellectual disabilities living in your community. See and hear the real stories of a group of Kiwis with disabilities.


Take a moment with us is an inspirational exhibition that showcases the everyday lives of people from all over New Zealand. It might make you think what people’s lives could be like if we focused more on their abilities, rather than their disabilities.

See review below from New York Sprout Film Festival

Take a moment with us exhibition

New Zealand Steel Gallery
12 Massey Avenue
Enquiries: events@ihc.org.nz
Date: Saturday 23 May to Saturday 4 June 2015

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Previous shows

Take a moment with us was first displayed at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch from November 2010 to February 2011. 176,000 people viewed the exhibition.

Hi-res photographs and video available

Email danette.wilson@ihc.org.nz

Review from New York 2012 Sprout Film Festival

“The film clearly demonstrated the international scope of the challenge of accepting people with disabilities. It not only enhanced the discussions following the screenings but also raised the enjoyment level of the festival. We were honored to present the film and realised how it clearly succeeded in accomplishing the festival’s motto – making the invisible visible.”

“It was a wonderful addition to the programme and to the festival.” Sprout Film Festival  executive director Anthony Di Salvo, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York where a short film from Take a moment with us featured in April.

Sprout is a New-York based organisation offering programmes for people in the United States with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It presents annual international film festivals featuring people with disabilities as subjects and performers.