IHC provides advocacy support wherever there is a need to stand up for the rights of all people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand.

Advocacy Support

We can support you to advocate on behalf of a person with an intellectual disability or support people with intellectual disabilities to be self-advocates.

Get support and guidance from IHC

The IHC Advocacy Team supports all people with intellectual disabilities.

You do not have to be using one of our services or be an IHC member to access advocacy support from us.

Contact the IHC Advocacy Team (National Office). They can provide:

  • information and advice on the rights and entitlements of those with an intellectual disability
  • guidance on dealing with services and agencies such as schools, health professionals and government agencies
  • guidance to people with intellectual disabilities to become self-advocates.

Call IHC Advocacy toll free on 0800 442 442, or email: advocacy@ihc.org.nz.

Contact your local IHC Association. They may also provide advocacy support in your community.

The IHC Advocacy Toolkit

View Information Sheets and Pocket Sized Guides from the IHC Advocacy Toolkit.

They feature topics and issues which are of common concern and interest in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Advocacy Campaigns

Our work also includes lobbying Government about intellectual disability issues. Find out about our current campaigns on specific rights for people with intellectual disabilities.

Other advocacy support services in NZ

A number of other organisations in New Zealand offer advocacy support. View Info Sheet 2 - Advocacy, from the IHC Advocacy Toolkit for details about these organisations.

Age-range for this service

Our advocacy support service is for all ages. We can support parents and families to advocate on behalf of their child.

Who delivers this service in IHC?

The IHC Advocacy Team provides advocacy and self-advocacy support services.

How to access this service

Anyone can access this service. You do not have to be using one of our other services or be an IHC member to access advocacy support from us.

Find out more

Contact IHC Advocacy
Ph. 0800 442 442