IHC’s Timata Hou Specialist Services provides a community based therapeutic service supporting people with intellectual disabilities and high and complex behavioural needs to develop skills to participate in their communities.

Timata Hou

Timata Hou, meaning, “new beginnings”, has a rehabilitation focus.

Timata Hou provides services in Auckland, Wellington and Palmerston North, including:

  • residential support in rural and urban settings
  • supported living
  • specialist assessment and crisis respite services
  • educational and developmental programmes
  • vocational and work opportunities.

The service supports people with intellectual disabilities to develop skills to participate with dignity, safety and enjoyment in their communities. It is expected that people move on from Timata Hou – some back to their families, some into independent living and some return to other mainstream residential services.

Timata Hou staff

Timata Hou staff have a range of professional qualifications and experience in both mental health and intellectual disability services.

Psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and psychiatric and psychopaedic nurses provide guidance and support to community support workers, who comprise the core of Timata Hou’s workforce. Most of the people referred to Timata Hou are also engaged with external treatment programmes provided by psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors and other therapists.

Age-range for this service

Our Timata Hou service is for young people and adults of all ages.

Who delivers this service in IHC?

Timata Hou is a specialist support service provided by IHC.

How to access this service

Timata Hou is a designated Regional Intellectual Disability Supported Accommodation Service (RIDSAS) and people are referred through the Regional Intellectual Disability Care Agency (RIDCA).

Find out more

  • Contact a Timata Hou office near to you (Timata Hou offices are in Horowhenua, Kapiti, Mana and Central Auckland), or call us toll free on 0800 442 442.
Contact your nearest Timata Hou office, or
Ph. 0800 442 442