Community Specialist Services is a professional and highly skilled team that provides a range of services to children and families with intellectual disabilities and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Community Specialist Services

We offer a range of autism focused services and programme throughout New Zealand for children and their families. Our team is made up of specialist workers from a range of backgrounds including psychology, special education, occupational therapy, play therapy, social work and nursing. 

Government-funded Programmes

Since 2009 our team has been delivering Ministries of Health and Education funded autism services and to date had over 3000 families through our three programmes, ASD Plus, ASD Communication and Behaviour Service and Growing up with Autism. 

Art Therapy

Since the end of 2014, in the Auckland area only, we have offered an individualised Arts Therapy programme (*charges apply). Throughout 2016 we had a steady increase in those using this service with some great outcomes gained. Again for 2017 this service is available and enquiries are welcome.

Workshops in the Community

In March 2015 we launched a series of one day workshops on a range of topics for families and professionals. We secured charitable funding through IHC so family members could attend free of charge. After consulting with families at the end of 2015 we reduced the duration from six hours to two hours so more families can attend.  This proved popular and throughout 2016 over 800 individuals had attended one or more of our workshops. Our Anxiety and Autism workshop proved very popular and clearly is a topic of interest to many.

For 2017 we are continuing our two hour mini workshop formula with the exception of Anxiety and Autism which has been extended to 2.5 hours.  We have a couple of new topics including Social Play and Calming Strategies for Children with ASD. Workshops continue to be free for parents and adult family members. We also welcome Professionals (*charges apply). 

What we offer

Government Programmes

Community Specialist Services provides three fully-funded ASD Programmes - ASD Plus, Communication and Behaviour and Growing up with Autism.

Workshops and Training

We are offering another series of workshops for 2017 that include practical information and strategies while also giving parents the opportunity to share.

Arts Therapy

A Registered Arts Therapist uses art, drama, music and movement therapeutically to support wellbeing of children/young people (Auckland only).

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