Commitment to Health & Safety

IHC is committed to providing an environment that is safe for all staff, service users, contractors, volunteers, visitors and any other persons present in our work-places.

Risk management

Keeping people safe requires identification of anything that could put the health and safety of any person in our workplaces at risk. Our risk management processes will be used to ensure all likely hazards / risks associated with the work we carry out are identified and all reasonable practical measures to eliminate (or minimise) these risks are implemented and monitored.

Compliance with legislation

All staff, contractors, volunteers, visitors and any other person(s) present in our workplaces must comply with the specific duties required of them under the Health and Safety at Work Act and associated regulations, codes of practice and standards. This includes ensuring their own actions never put the health and safety of themselves or others at risk and compliance with all IHC policies and procedures.

Individual accountability – safety is everyone’s responsibility

Participation and involvement

Managers will contribute to the creation of a healthy and safe working environment by encouraging open communication between themselves, staff, Health and Safety representatives and other workers on all health and safety concerns, initiatives, improvements and procedures. Open communication is seen as fundamental to achieving effective worker engagement and participation in health and safety.

Reporting, monitoring and continuous improvement