The IHC Group

The IHC Group of Charities encompasses three wholly-owned subsidiaries with contract funding and community programmes funded by donations.

IHC Group logo
IHC logo

IHC advocates for the rights, inclusion and welfare of all people with intellectual disabilities. It supports them to live satisfying lives in the community.

IHC provides advocacy, volunteering, events, membership associations and fundraising.

IDEA Services is New Zealand’s largest provider of services for people with intellectual disabilities.

IDEA Services supports adults of all ages with intellectual disabilities to live independently and be part of their local communities. This includes residential care, supported living and vocational support.

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Choices NZ helps people with all disabilities and health-related conditions achieve their goals. This is achieved through flexible support relationships and access to community services.

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Accessible Properties is a social and disability housing provider. It is committed to providing housing that meets tenants’ needs and tenancy services that support long-term, successful inclusive living in a community.

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