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IHC has teamed up with Safewill to make creating your Will simple and easy. Safewill, a leading online platform, provides New Zealanders with a simple, secure, and affordable solution for creating their own Will.

For more information, contact Chansina Chin at 07 834 7210 or chansina@ihc.org.nz.

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Megan and Makai

Megan and her two children were living in a tent in a friend’s front garden when she found IHC’s support.

She was a single mum, raising her 9-year-old daughter Amani and 18-month-old Makai – who was born with Down syndrome and later diagnosed with leukaemia.

The family had to leave their home in Northland so Makai could have lifesaving treatment. When they returned, Megan struggled to find housing.

Thankfully, IHC’s Family-Whānau Liaison Service connected with Megan – and helped her access the financial and practical support she needed to get her family settled again.

She also found understanding, friendship and advice through the local mothers’ group that IHC set up. Megan said:

“When Makai was born, there was no celebrating my beautiful boy who was otherwise healthy. Through the group, I’ve found the support of other mums who understand what that feels like.”

Today, with the help of IHC and kind New Zealanders like you, Makai is thriving and so is his family.

Megan is training to teach Makaton – a simple sign language for children with disabilities. She said it’s also opened up the way little Makai can communicate his feelings at home:

“I hope Makai can do whatever he desires in life. I want him to be a part of his community and have a great network of people around him that support him and embrace him for who he is.

Through a gift in your Will, you can help make sure children like Makai and their families have the support they need, for as long as they need it. No matter what.

Makai, a little boy with Down Syndrome, with his mother Megan
Mum playing at the table with a toddler.

If you believe that everyone deserves to live a full and meaningful life, the freedom to experience things that make them happy, and the security of knowing they will not be left out or treated unjustly, please consider including a gift to IHC in your Will.

Your gift will support New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities long into the future.

You will support their families so they, in turn, can give their whānau with a disability the best possible opportunities – and know they will always be cared for.  

You will make sure IHC, which has played an important role in disability rights and services in our country, can keep innovating, advocating, and challenging outdated views.

Your gift can make sure that as the world changes, people continue to feel part of it and create lives filled with friendship, adventure, chances to learn, careers, service to the community, and independence – if that’s what they choose.

It’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, people with intellectual disabilities were kept apart from the rest of their community. But today, thanks to the support of New Zealanders like you and the work of IHC, they are welcome in their communities. They have choices and are listened to. They are included.

But there’s still so much more we need to do.

If you have enjoyed opportunity and meaning in your own life and would like to give back, including a gift to IHC in your Will is a wonderful way to do it.

Read on to find out how easy it is to bring meaning, purpose, and joy to people’s lives.

Why I've left a gift in my Will

“Our son Stefano is an absolute delight.

To be sure, he needs a lot of support just to get out of bed in the morning but he always wakes up with a grin on his face. I say that he has his father’s personality – he’s very sociable and full of mischief.

However, Stefano didn’t get off to a great start when he was born and had trouble breathing, which led to both intellectual and physical disability.

Luckily for us, IHC has been beside us throughout Stefano’s life. We’ve had our ups and downs and they’ve helped us with information, practical support and above all a feeling of not being on our own.

Now that he’s older, Stefano no longer lives at home with us, and IHC still plays an important role in our lives. We visit Stefano lots and see for ourselves the affection and care that he receives. He still has the grin on his face that we know so well.

IHC has been there for people with intellectual disabilities and their families for more than 70 years and we need to make sure IHC is around for another 70 years and beyond. That is why I’ve left a gift in my Will to IHC.”

- Barbara Rocco

A portrait picture of Frances

Frances' Story

Hi, my name is Frances.

My youngest brother, Richard Tansey Craig (or Tan as we called him) was born just after my 13th birthday.

We were all so excited about having a younger brother. But my mother had a very difficult two day labour and when Tan was born, he was a Down Syndrome baby.

Tan spent much of his first year of life in hospital, including for a frightening paralysis that lasted three months.

It was a shock for my family and rocked my mother’s confidence. After a year, I decided to come home from boarding school to help care for Tan.

We all pitched in to feed and bathe Tan every day and carry him up and down the steep steps to our house on a hill in Te Kuiti. We took him everywhere with us.

But when my siblings and I all flew the nest, Mum struggled to cope with the heavy workload on her own. She developed rheumatoid arthritis and was in constant pain.

Tan was four years old when dad contacted the Health Department and asked ‘what help is available?’ They suggested Kimberly Farm at Levin.

His care there was inconsistent. It broke mum’s heart to see Tan lose the small wins we had so celebrated – such as sitting up. Tan’s health continued to be frail and he died of pneumonia at the age of 30.

After Tan was born, other parents in our area came out of the woodwork to share their struggles of caring for disabled children hidden away at home. They went on to form the King Country branch of IHC.

My Dad was a courageous advocate for children with intellectual disabilities and their parents. He helped raise funds for a dedicated school in our local area. A training academy and supported accommodation followed.

I’m including a gift in my Will to IHC in honour of my brother and dad, and all the other children with intellectual disabilities and their families who will need support into the future.

I hope my story inspires you to consider doing the same.

- Frances

Sarah's story

If Sarah had been born 40 years ago, her parents would have been told to put her in an institution. She would have been separated from her family and cut off from her community.

The long-term vision and generosity of people like you helped change that – and transformed services for people with intellectual disabilities in New Zealand forever.

Today, that means Sarah is independent, has a job she loves, and enjoys life surrounded by her friends and family.

Sarah is living proof of just how far we’ve come in the last 40 years, but there’s still so much more to do. With your help and a gift in your Will, we can keep changing the world for people with intellectual disabilities long into the future.

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A gift in your Will can make a meaningful change in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

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Your gift will make a powerful, personal, joyful difference

The needs of New Zealanders with intellectual disabilities are varied. And, as a person’s life goes through different stages, so too will their needs.

Your gift to IHC will be used to provide the care and support these New Zealanders deserve in the future. You’ll ensure they are respected and included, where their rights are defended, and their value recognised.

Recommended wording

If you intend to include IHC in your Will, or you are a solicitor acting for someone who’d like to do so, we recommend the following wording:
‘I give, IHC New Zealand Incorporated for its general purposes,’ either:

  • ____% of my estate, or
  • The residue of my estate, or
  • Other _________ '

Frequently asked questions

Is it expensive or difficult to include IHC in my Will?

Not at all. We strongly recommend that you use the services of a solicitor to make your arrangements so that your Will accurately reflects what your wishes are. A solicitor will usually want to meet you or have a discussion over the phone before drafting up a Will. You’ll have a chance to review and amend drafts until you are completely happy, and a final version is created.

And if you’d like any help with the wording or have questions about how to update your Will, we’re happy to help.

Can I change my existing Will to include IHC?

Absolutely. If you already have a Will, you simply need to get in touch with your solicitor and include an extra sentence about your gift.

Can I look after my family and still include a gift to IHC?

Yes, you can. As a very family-focussed organisation, IHC suggests you put your family and loved ones first. There are a number of ways you can also support IHC – and one of the most effective is to leave a ‘residual bequest.’

The ‘residuary’ is the remainder of your estate (or a percentage of it) after your family has been taken care of and all expenses have been deducted.

What about leaving property or other valuables?

You can certainly do this. We’ve had supporters who’ve left real estate, jewellery, shares, and art – all items that tend to retain their value over time.

Is there a minimum amount I can leave?

Every gift will make a difference, and the amount you choose to leave is completely up to you. If you’d rather not commit to a dollar amount, you can simply leave a percentage of your estate.

Get in touch with us

Do you have questions? Would you like a confidential, no-obligation conversation or a free brochure?

We’re happy to help. Please get in touch with Chansina Chin by email chansina@ihc.org.nz or phone 0800 746 444.

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Bequest brochure

A gift in your Will will bring meaning, purpose and joy to the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.