“I actually got sort of told off by one of the mums recently. Getting the parents together to have some time out in a safe place, where they know others understand how they are feeling is really important. I’d run a workshop, a fun day of acrylic paint pouring art.

And one of the mums said “thank you”. As you do, I said “oh it is nothing.” Then she asks if she can talk to me outside. So we go outside and she said to me “I don’t want you to do that, to say it was nothing. You don’t know what it means to us. You think it is something small, but for us it is something huge.

It is somewhere where we are seen, where we don’t have to worry about being judged, where we talk to other people as we are all isolated,” she really did list off all of the things they get out of it.” Jim, one of IHC’s Family – Whānau Liaisons

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