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Grand Casino offer lets Duane back into the workforce

March 2, 2023

An accident 20 years ago on a gravel road put an end to Duane Harrington’s forestry work.

Duane was coming home from working on a forestry block just outside Palmerston, north of Dunedin, when the vehicle he was in went out of control. Surgeons had to insert a metal rod into his badly broken leg.

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From steady customer to steady job

November 25, 2022

After spending most of this year looking for work, Gabe Beyrer found it, right on his doorstep in his favourite café.

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It took six weeks for Courtney to make the team

February 28, 2022

Courtney Ratana has his first job at the age of 40. He started in January as a pool attendant at the Lido Aquatic Centre in Palmerston North.

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All Evie needed was a chance

May 4, 2021

Wellington IT student Evie Randall went public about her struggle to find work. It worked. She had so many replies she had to call her job coach.

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It’s time for more ‘pay experience’

March 9, 2021

Debbie Kennedy has done years of work experience in hospitality and customer service with little pay to show for it. She estimates half of the work she has done has been unpaid.

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