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Disabled people falling victim to the work-readiness trap
Media release
April 19, 2024
IHC New Zealand wants to see more employers cut through the red tape when hiring people, particularly those with an intellectual disability.
Lack of political will to improve lives of disabled people in New Zealand
Media release
April 9, 2024
Once again, the one in four New Zealanders with a disability are not a priority for this Government, says IHC New Zealand.
"How do disabled people live their lives when the Government presses pause?"
Media release
March 20, 2024
IHC New Zealand is asking Whaikaha to clarify changes to disabled people’s funding and what it means moving forward.
Government report ignores our most vulnerable
Media release
March 14, 2024
IHC New Zealand is dismayed that a new Government report, billed as a “nationwide picture of the population’s health,” ignores the 47,000 people with intellectual disability in New Zealand.
IHC says no to boot camps
Media release
March 5, 2024
IHC New Zealand says the Government’s introduction of juvenile boot camps for youth offenders will unfairly target young people with intellectual disability.
‘Anguish about the outdated, non-responsive and inadequate Ministry funding for disabled students to succeed is palpable’
Media release
February 28, 2024
IHC New Zealand says families of students with intellectual disability are at breaking point as more and more principals are being hamstrung by limited funding.
Intellectually disabled community hidden from government statistics
Media release
February 26, 2024
IHC New Zealand is calling on the Ministry of Health to specifically include data on the outcomes of people with intellectual disability in its reporting.
Children with intellectual disability 7 times more likely to be uplifted
Media release
February 22, 2024
IHC New Zealand echoes the Chief Ombudsman’s call for the Government to make changes to Oranga Tamaraki so that our most vulnerable children are protected.
IHC proud to announce judges of Art Awards and new Holdsworth Trust Scholarship Award for studios
Media release
February 20, 2024
IHC is proud to announce the judges for the 2024 IHC Art Awards, including artist Michel Tuffery who will judge the new Holdsworth Trust Scholarship Award for art studios.
Proposed benefit changes will batter New Zealand families living with intellectual disability
Media release
February 19, 2024
IHC Director of Advocacy, Tania Thomas, says the Government is making decisions about benefits on the fly and not on evidence, which is putting intellectually disabled New Zealanders at serious risk.